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26. April 2024.

Corda lighting design in the design wonder of the Swanky Mint Hostel

The Swanky Mint Hostel in Zagreb is one of the more original buildings that we had the honor to equip with our lighting fixtures. Located in the very heart of Zagreb, it radiates a special charm and atmosphere. This unique accommodation, located in a converted textile factory from the 19th century. century, offers guests an unforgettable stay experience. Combining industrial chic design with modern comforts, Swanky Mint captures the spirit of the city in a unique way.
16. April 2024.

Biophilia and lighting design: The influence of nature in modern design

Biophilia, or the love of life and nature, has become a key concept in architecture and design over the last few decades. Its history and development […]
10. April 2024.

LIGHTING DESIGN IN THE FUTURE How Upcycling is revolutionizing the world of lighting

In the world of lighting, sustainability is becoming increasingly important, and one of the most exciting trends that highlights this is upcycling. Instead of throwing away old objects, upcycling turns them into amazing pieces of lighting, while adding an element of uniqueness and story to our home.
3. April 2024.

A LOOK INTO THE PAST Lighting design that made people laugh, delight and provoke – Martina Bedin’s Super Lamp

Martine Bedin, a French designer, characterized the aesthetics of the Memphis group, which is synonymous with postmodernist design, with her revolutionary approach. At the same time, its lighting design stands out, especially in the case of the Super Lamp.
27. March 2024.

SCANDINAVIAN LIGHTING DESIGN Simplicity and purity of lighting

In the world of interior design, few styles have captured the essence of simplicity, functionality and elegance like the Scandinavian aesthetic. From minimalist furniture to clean lines, Scandinavian design principles have influenced homes around the world. However, one aspect that really makes this style stand out is the approach to lighting.
20. March 2024.

One of the best luxury vacation homes is graced by the lighting design of Corda Lighting

In the untouched southern part of Istria, hidden in the greenery, is located the beautiful Villa LaDominika, which offers refined luxury on an area of ​​500 m2, surrounded by a spacious estate of 10,000 m2. This masterpiece of architecture offers luxurious accommodation with five bedrooms and six bathrooms, created to satisfy the senses and relax the soul.
14. March 2024.

Art deco lighting: A synthesis of style, luxury and innovation

Art deco lighting design represents one of the most significant and recognizable styles in the history of lighting design. The flowering of this style took place between the two world wars. Especially during the 1920s and 1930s, when he shaped the landscape of modern architecture and interiors. The lighting fixtures are characterized by geometric shapes, luxurious materials and expressive details that reflect the spirit of modernism and glamor of that period.
7. February 2024.

A LOOK INTO THE PAST The unveiling of Arad’s Ge-Off Sphere Lamp

Ron Arad, born in Israel in 1951. year, stood out as a pioneer in the domain of design innovations. His unique vision and expertise have earned him global acclaim, making him one of the leading figures in the field of architecture and design. His lighting fixture, the Ge-Off Sphere pendant, unites everything that represents him as an author.
1. February 2024.

Designing lighting – key elements that make design art

Designing lighting is like creating a symphony of light in a space – it is a combination of different elements to achieve perfect harmony. Discover with us the key elements that make up the art of lighting design, providing the space with not only functionality, but also an aesthetic experience.
24. January 2024.

Corda Lighting illuminated the Gaga Polyclinic: ‘We wanted the lighting to be details in the design itself’

Lighting is an important element of every space, and it is especially important in healthcare institutions. It can affect the mood of patients, their comfort and even their recovery. Polyclinic Gaga is a newly opened dermatological polyclinic in Zagreb. As part of the arrangement, special attention was paid to the lighting design.
18. January 2024.

A LOOK INTO THE PAST Meet ‘Moloch’, a floor lamp over two meters high

The Moloch Floor Lamp is one of the most original lighting fixtures produced. At the same time, it is one of the most famous and strangest. It is the work of the famous Italian architect and pioneer of 20th century design, Gaetano Pesce.
11. January 2024.

Corda elegance in the famous Molo restaurant

Corda elegance in the famous Molo restaurant In the hospitality world, ambience and aesthetics play a key role in creating an unforgettable experience for guests. Restaurant […]
4. January 2024.

Here’s what was most googled about lighting design last year

Here’s what was most googled about lighting design last year The exciting world of lighting design is constantly evolving. At the same time, it reflects subtle […]
20. December 2023.

5 easy DIY projects for the Christmas magic of lighting

The Christmas period brings an incredible opportunity to personalize your space with the help of light. Instead of classic Christmas decorations, decide to create your own lighting that will enhance your home with its unique warmth. In this article, we'll reveal five easy DIY (do it yourself) Christmas lighting projects and highlight the benefits of creating your own light magic.
13. December 2023.

Tailor’s cuisine in the glow of Corda lighting: A delight for all the senses!

Tailor’s cuisine in the glow of Corda lighting: A delight for all the senses! Zagreb – ‘ Krojačnica – bar and restaurant ‘ is one of […]
6. December 2023.

The magic of holiday lighting: Why are Advent lights so enchanting?

"The magic of light by Salaj" has been open since last Friday for all those who want to feel the Christmas atmosphere in a special way. Namely, until 8. January 2024 year, every day, four hectares of the Salaj family estate are illuminated with more than 5 million lamps.
29. November 2023.

PORTRAIT OF AN ICON Ingo Maurer, ‘poet of light’

German industrial designer Ingo Maurer (May 12, 1932 – October 21, 2019) left an indelible mark on the world of design, especially in the field of lamp design and light installations
23. November 2023.

A LOOK INTO THE PAST Bourgie lamp – A classic of modern design

When we think of lighting, the Bourgie lamp immediately comes to mind as a masterpiece of Italian design. The creation of the talented designer Ferruccio Laviani, this now iconic lamp first flashed at the 2004 Milan Furniture Fair. age. Inspired by baroque elements, the Bourgie lamp perfectly combines classic and contemporary aesthetics, creating a unique symphony of style.
16. November 2023.

Layered lighting: How to create a beautiful and functional space

Lighting is an important element of any space. It can affect our mood, productivity and overall perception of space. Layered lighting is a design concept that uses a combination of different types and intensities of light to create rich, multidimensional lighting effects.
8. November 2023.

Light transformation: How creative lighting shapes space

Light transformation: How creative lighting shapes space In the world of interior design, lighting plays a key role in creating a space that is functional, aesthetically […]
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