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29. November 2023.

PORTRAIT OF AN ICON Ingo Maurer, ‘poet of light’

German industrial designer Ingo Maurer (May 12, 1932 – October 21, 2019) left an indelible mark on the world of design, especially in the field of lamp design and light installations
23. November 2023.

A LOOK INTO THE PAST Bourgie lamp – A classic of modern design

When we think of lighting, the Bourgie lamp immediately comes to mind as a masterpiece of Italian design. The creation of the talented designer Ferruccio Laviani, this now iconic lamp first flashed at the 2004 Milan Furniture Fair. age. Inspired by baroque elements, the Bourgie lamp perfectly combines classic and contemporary aesthetics, creating a unique symphony of style.
16. November 2023.

Layered lighting: How to create a beautiful and functional space

Lighting is an important element of any space. It can affect our mood, productivity and overall perception of space. Layered lighting is a design concept that uses a combination of different types and intensities of light to create rich, multidimensional lighting effects.
8. November 2023.

Light transformation: How creative lighting shapes space

Light transformation: How creative lighting shapes space In the world of interior design, lighting plays a key role in creating a space that is functional, aesthetically […]
3. November 2023.

WHERE IMAGINATION MEETS PRACTICE Little pipe-man, the unique Corde lamp

Today we will walk you through the inspiring process of making a unique lamp - a small man made of metal water pipes, whose head is a large round bulb. This lamp will not only light up your space, but will also bring a touch of artistic creativity to your home.
3. November 2023.

Burning for more than a century – The secret of the bulb that does not cease to shine

Not far from San Francisco, in the quiet town of Livermore, California, lies an incredible example of endurance and engineering genius, a light bulb that has been burning continuously since 1901. age. This article reveals the story of a light bulb that has become known around the world for its incredible longevity.
20. October 2023.

Ambassador of North Macedonia H.E. E. Milaim Fetai visited Corda lighting

Ambassador of North Macedonia H.E. E. Milaim Fetai visited Corda lighting ZAGREB – His Excellency, ambassador of the Republic of North Macedonia, Mr. Milaim Fetai, visited the […]
11. October 2023.

A LOOK INTO THE PAST Arco Lamp – Design icon and its incredible impact

A LOOK INTO THE PAST Arco Lamp – Design icon and its incredible impact When talking about design icons, we can’t bypass the “Arco Lamp” – […]
4. October 2023.

What is magnetic rail lighting?

Magnetic rail lighting is an innovative lighting system that uses magnets to provide flexibility and ease of placing lighting in different spaces.
20. September 2023.

Produced nearly 30.000 pieces | The Little Siga S is one of Corda Lighting’s most reproduced lamps

In the last 20 years, Corda Lighting has produced thousands of lighting fixtures that it has installed in houses and hotels across Europe, and one of the many that it has produced is the popular Siga. (...)
20. September 2023.

What is the difference between a technical and a decorative lamp?

Technical lamps and decorative lamps have different purposes and functions. Specifically, technical lamps are designed and intended primarily to provide light for the purposes of [...]
20. September 2023.

Is Corda a lighting store?

Corda Lighting is a Croatian company based in Zagreb that produces advanced lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces and uses the latest [...]
20. September 2023.

One of the most beautiful villas in Croatia is illuminated by corda project lamps

Villa Valens in Radetići near Porec in Istria is one of the most beautiful villas in Croatia, but what makes it truly unique is the fact that everything in it is – Croatian! From all furniture and various objects and works of art, all the way to lighting fixtures. They were made by experts from the Zagreb company Corda project. (...)
20. September 2023.

Interior designer Perišin Stipolev: ‘Corda project did exactly what I wanted’

Ana Perišin Stipoljev, interior designer with more than 17 years of experience and owner of Koras interiors, is very happy to recall her collaboration with the Zagreb-based company Corda projekt, which has been producing lighting fixtures for more than a decade.
20. September 2023.

Can Corda Lighting further rework the ordered and finished lamps?

Corda Lighting, a company for the production of lighting fixtures based in Zagreb, often receives subsequent inquiries from the client for its products (lighting, lamps, chandeliers, etc.).
20. September 2023.

Zagreb’s Lemon market would not be complete without Corda projects Flower

The recently opened Lemon Market brought a pleasant refreshment to the Zagreb catering scene, and architect Lane Trobentar Šimunić, from the Lunixar architectural office, paid attention to every detail of the building, including lighting fixtures, made in cooperation with the Corda project.
20. September 2023.

What is the ideal lighting for a doctor’s office?

What’s the ideal lighting for a doctor’s office? Ideal lighting for a practice may vary depending on the type of office and special needs, but there […]
20. September 2023.

The legendary Rendulic designed it, Corda project made it and El toros guests are using it

The legendary Rendulic designed it, Corda project made it and El toros guests are using it El Toro restaurant in Šubićeva Street near Zagreb’s Kvatrić, with […]
20. September 2023.

A LOOK INTO THE PAST DL8 lucciola by the legendary Fabio Lencio

Table lamps almost always consist of a stand, a thin frame and a blind that closes the bulb. However, the design of the product itself over the last 50 years varies greatly from decade to decade and fashion trends.
19. September 2023.

What is “lumen” and what is it for?

The Croatian Encyclopedia states that the lumen of the unit of measurement (sign lm) of luminous flux, derived unit of the International System of Units. It is determined by the luminous flux emitted into the corner of one steradian by a point light source, to which the luminous intensity in all directions of space is one candela, i.e. lm = cd sr.
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